Leslie Swanson Travel LLC is a luxury travel design firm that specializes in crafting bespoke experiences for clients who love to explore beautiful and remote places, meet the people that live there, and have exceptional adventures. At the heart of LST is a love of discovery, delight in learning, and the belief that the memories we make together make the world a better place.

LST operates a boutique firm that specializes in luxury experiences and is committed to providing the best travel experiences. Members of the team and partners have travelled extensively throughout the world, giving LST and partners insider knowledge lacking in many other travel planning providers.

LST knows how important it is to remain authentic and increasingly going beyond the well-known sites is what is important to our guests—discovering the little-known museum or street market that adds to their experience. LST does this through local knowledge, cultivating extensive contacts and regularly visiting each destination to enable us to share the most up-to-date insider information with you, our valued client.

LST will provide full planning services and someone to bounce ideas off of before your trip. LST will be a resource and sounding board to talk to if your trip is not perfect when you get home.

What Leslie Swanson Travel LLC Will Do:

A lot goes into LST’s Custom Travel program design. Your program is arranged so that you are able to relax and enjoy every moment of your trip. The expertise to set up an itinerary like this comes after years of investing in education, discovery, and a passion for new people and places. This too is a value that is incorporated into our traveler's trips with LST.

Liability Limitation:

Client understands and agrees that LST will design a custom travel experience; this requires 100% of Client’s cooperation. Clients acknowledges the variables in domestic and international travel and that a trip may not provide the exact experience expected and that no particular experience can be guaranteed, either during planning or the dates of travel. Client is responsible for reviewing all materials and confirmations and is responsible for contacting LST immediately if any changes or discrepancies are noted. Client assumes full responsibility for their persons, belongings, and behavior during and after the agreed upon travel program.  

Hold Harmless:

Client agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless LST, and its employees and/or agents from any and all claims, responsibility, liability, damage, loss and/or expenses arising out of any injury to any person during or after the trip, as well as for disease, death, injuries, conditions, illness, damage or loss of life to the Client that may occur during or after the Trip.