Six Experiences To Add To Your Bucket List Now


Every year in August, the world’s top luxury travel agents and leading hoteliers, destination experts, and cruise lines convene in Las Vegas for a week of networking, education, and meetings. The event is hosted by Virtuoso, one of the most respected luxury travel networks, who this year celebrated thirty with a sold-out show of over 6,000 attendees representing over 100 countries.

In the first in a series that will highlight some top experiences and exciting new destinations, I break down a few of my favorite bucket list and family finds.

What to Add to Your Bucket List

If 2018 taught us anything, it’s that carving time with the family is more important than ever. Travel brings the family closer and allows us to enjoy new experiences together. While experiences like the Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu, and the great cities of Europe will always be important stops for families, I’ve expanded the bucket list with a few unique favorites.

Check out the incredible experiences below and leave a comment with what's on your short list!

Discover the emerald Amazon jungles of Ecuador and Give Back to Local Communities. 

With Me to We, learn Spanish, meet with local artisans, and volunteer in a local community in Ecuador. With more than 20 years of working closely with local communities and a global charity, my partner provides families the chance to connect to new cultures in meaningful ways and gain invaluable perspectives. 

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Get Up Close and Personal with a Magnificent Rhino

Experience the rare opportunity to participate in a rhino notching experience at a unique private game reserve. Witness the darting of a rhino and assist the veterinary team in notching the sleeping rhino’s ear for research and security monitoring, before releasing it back into the wild.

Learn more about the experience here.


Experience the Changing of the Guards with Exclusive Access.

Watch this exceptional ceremony away from the crowds and within the parade ground itself. Go ‘backstage’ to meet the soldiers amidst their final preparations for this historic parade as they go about their duties of protecting Her Majesty The Queen. Travelers will delight in learning origins of the ceremony and in posing photos amongst the Guardsmen. Finish the morning with a trip to the Guards Museum, where children (and adults!) can try on replica Guards uniforms!

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Run Wild in Your Own Private Yellowstone.

Located in northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado, Vermejo Park Ranch is rich in history, diverse in wildlife, and represents an authentic culture. The extraordinary ranch, spanning approximately 585,000 acres, is a special place where the owner engages consistent efforts to maintain a respected and balanced ecosystem while connecting people with nature in meaningful ways. With a property larger than most national parks, Vermejo’s activities are nothing short of spectacular—mountain biking, hiking, trekking, fishing, sport shooting, archery, horseback riding, and more.

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Travel the Historic Silk Road.

Follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo along the legendary Silk Road, a trade artery through shifting desert sands that connected the ancient Chinese capital of Chang'an (today's Xi'an) with trading hubs in Persia, Arabia and ancient Rome. As you navigate the markets, mosques, monuments and lost cities along this once thriving route through the provinces of Gansu and Xinjiang, you'll discover that it wasn't only commodities like silk, but technologies, philosophies and religions that journeyed east and west and helped shape the modern world. 

Explore the Many Facets of the Ancient Land of Egypt.

Embark on a powerful journey along the Nile through Egypt and experience a country with a rich history and a vital present. You’ll stroll sublime temples, shop colorful markets, and visit important museums. Learn how Egyptians lived in ancient times and how they live today. Explore under the sure guidance of our expedition team and gain an insider's perspective with help from erudite local guides. Take it up a notch? Extend to explore the wonders of Jordan.